Many would think that a Pillow Top Mattress and Plush Top Mattress are different but in fact they are similar; both typically have structural firmness and stability and this would be the context of the inner spring. Both Pillow Top or Plush Top mattress have a soft outer fabric surface intended to make sleep more comfortable and adjusting to the body contour of that Individual. When deciding between a plush and pillow top mattress, take into consideration with your sleeping preferences, support needs (inner spring, etc pocketed spring or bonnell spring) and softness requirements. In simple words means both are for the comfort of the mattress rather than the support.

Plush Top Mattress
A plush mattress has quilting under its surface fabric and is softer than firm and extra-firm alternatives. For many, plush top mattress the comfort level would be medium firm. Those who frequently sleep on their sides and back might prefer the extra cushioning that a plush mattress affords, without compromising the support and durability of the inner coils and support structure. People who sleep on their stomachs might feel that a plush mattress is too soft and doesn’t provide the support they need. Plush mattresses are constructed by adding a layer of soft foam, memory gel or latex over the internal frame that holds the springs or coils. The cover of the mattress is sewn over the entire surface and hides the materials so you can’t see it. The permanent mattress covering also protects the foam, memory gel or latex from wear and tear. A plush mattress usually has a latex core that’s soft and flexible, yet provides some support for back and side sleepers.

Pillow Top Mattress
A pillow top mattress would be between Soft to medium Soft to Medium Firm because of the extra soft outer layer which consists of many additional cushioning. Pillow top mattresses have several inches of extra padding that are sewn onto the top of mattress. You can see the depth of the pillow top from the side usually 2 inch and above. A pillow top conforms to your body contours and give you the feeling of being hug to sleep, as such those who appreciate a comfortable and hug like feel who choose a pillow top mattress as their first choice.

A pillow top mattress would be softer than a plush top mattress due to the numerous extra layers of padding and materials. A plush top mattress is an extra layer of padding stitched to the structure of the mattress, thus creating a more firmer and feel and support. Due to the additional materials required to construct a pillow top mattress, it will be costlier to manufacture comparing to a plush top mattress.


  1. Plush Top mattresses have an additional layer on top of a firm mattress to create a type of cushioning.
  2. Pillow Top mattresses have more layers of materials build internally thus creating a more cushion-like soft feeling.
  3. Plush Top mattresses offers more back support comparing to a Pillow Top Mattresses.
  4. Pillow Top Mattresses is more expensive to manufacture than Plush Top mattresses.
  5. Both Plush Top mattresses and Pillow Top Mattress cannot be flip due to its designs.
  6. Most Pillow Top is thicker thus measurements of the bed frame has to be taken into consideration when purchasing one.


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