Many Chinese since ancient days believed that the energy of your kitchen/dining is a direct correlation to your wealth. As a thumb of rule, when there is no money, there is no food on the table. Therefore, in Feng Shui, kitchen and dining are one of the top three vital parts of the house together with entrance/ main door and the bedrooms.

The dining area signifies not only the prosperity of the family but also the harmony and family bonding over the meals together, so let’s learn the tips to Feng Shui this area.

  1. The dining area should be close to the kitchen and preferably in the corner of a home to encourage the pooling of ‘chi’.
  2. It is also encouraged not to have the dining area too close to the main door to prevent your guests from “eat and run.” However, due to shrinking houses and apartments that limits the placement of your dining table, you can screen it with a partition or beaded curtains from the initial view upon entering the main door if the dining area cannot be changed.
  3. The dining table should not be placed against the wall as it gives rise to pressure in your work.
  4. The dining able represents your career. In other words, the bigger the table, the better your career would be.
  5. The dining table should be grand so that your career would be grand as well. Having a chandelier directly above the table does the job as well!
  6. Round ‘Solid’ dining tables would be ideal as they represent stability in career. The round shape would promote harmony in the family and rectangular tables which have edges would have ‘bickering’ in the family. The material should made from wood or metal, NOT glass or marble. Glass or marble harbour negative chi in an eating area.
  7. Mirrored walls have been used widely for the visual perception of a bigger space, but it has another benefit not known by many. In Feng Shui, they give the perception of doubling the amount of food as well. The amount of food on your dining table is a synchronistic mirror of your ability to draw love and prosperity into your life. but do bear in mind not to place any clutter especially receipts, ‘summons’ on the table because it might also symbolize doubling your bills.
  8. 6 or 8 is the ideal number of chairs to place around the table as they symbolise auspicious and that your career can expand.
  9. Make sure the table is not underneath an exposed beam as conflict will erupt. having your bed underneath an exposed beam is not recommended as well.
  10. Do no place a clock in your dining area as it symbolises a time frame (dateline) to your abundance of food.