An insight into local furniture trends

Gone are the days where people would walk into furniture shops in HDB areas to purchase furniture. But just as everyone thought that large furniture megastores are taking over, people are beginning to snatch furniture off overseas online stores like hot cakes.

Ironically, we used to have this biasness in us that China made products are of lower quality but these don’t seem to matter anymore. For obvious reasons, they are real cheap. In fact, so cheap that most of us are willing to take a risk of the item being not useable at all. These make us think. Why risk it?

So why bother buying from local websites instead of importing from overseas websites?

  • We all know that product can look or be entirely different in photos. When you received it, you are most probably unable to return/refund as it would be too much of a hassle to ship the item back overseas which could incur more costs.
  • Prolonged time and effort required to assemble, including simple furniture like chairs as measurements for holes drilled are wrong!
  • Replacement for Missing or faulty parts are quickly and easier.
  • Better customer service/ after care service

With these in mind, it is always better to play safe whenever shopping overseas. At Easyhouse, all we want at the end of the day is for you to have pleasant experience in beautifying our lovely home 😊


Warm Regards,