Product Details:

  • Ortho-Firm Individual Pocketed Coil System
  • Non-metal connection between coils, eliminating commonly heard noise from compatible systems & Brands. Each row of Coils is joined by 2 continuous bonded by thermoplastic adhesive at different level. This prolongs the system usability and maintains its dimension. Each coil works individually and accordingly to different body contour without creating disturbance to your partner. The carbonated steel barrel-size coil is heat-treated for rust-proofing and pre-compression to provide more resilience.
  • Undisturbed sleep for your partner
  • 3″ Latex padding EuroTopper
  • CoolMax® is an innovative fabric which “breathes”, so that when you lie on it, the heat and moisture generated by your body will evaporate within the first hour of rest, and the Fabric will keep your body cool throughout the night
  • Temperature Regulating Mattress Ticking
  • Sanitize against dust-mite, bacteria and fungus.
  • Non-flip mattress
  • 15 years Warranty on system
  • Firmness Rating 7/10, Medium Firm


  • King Size ( 10” )
    L: 190cm W: 183cm H: 25.5cm
  • Queen Size ( 10” )
    L: 190cm W: 152cm H: 25.5cm
  • Super Single Size ( 10” )
    L: 190cm W: 107cm H: 25.5cm
  • Single Size ( 10” )
    L: 190cm W: 91cm H: 25.5cm