Princebed’s Backshield II Mattress contains a Continuous Spring system, and is enhanced with a high-density foam padding for firm back support. The Backshield II is the perfect solution for back problem sufferers as it provides optimum spinal support. Its high-density foam padding feels great to lie on and keeps its shape for many years.



Product Details:

  • The unique design structure provides resilient surface coverage for durable long lasting support
  • Triangular coil system support vertical and horizontal pressures without distortion
  • Durable Edge
  • 3040 convolutions, about 2 times more over standard system, hence enhancing the comfort and support of the body
  • Edge Guard Technology
  • Pre-compression of coils provide more resilience
  • Provide sturdy support to your spinal column & reduce back sore, yet maintains it comfort
  • Sanitize against Dust-Mite, Bacteria and Fungus
  • Firmness Rating 8/10, Firm


  • King Size ( 8” )
    L: 190cm W: 183cm H: 20cm
  • Queen Size ( 8” )
    L: 190cm W: 152cm H: 20cm
  • Super Single Size ( 8′ )
    L: 190cm W: 107cm H: 20cm
  • Single Size ( 8” )
    L: 190cm W: 91cm H: 20cm