Product Details:

  • Heat-Treated Pocket Spring Mattress
  • Extra Firmness and Greater Stability Due to its Design of Additional Pocketed Spring Coils
  • Superior “Insulfoam” Layering for that Superior Comfort and Support
  • Turn-free Mattress
  • Anti-Dustmite, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Treated
  • Performance Tested By The Medical Entomology Centre, Cambridge University
  • Suitable for Large or Heavy Weight Person
  • Firmness Rating 8/10, Firm
  • 15 Years-Limited Warranty


  • King Size (10”)
    L: 190cm W: 183cm H: 25cm
  • Queen Size (10”)
    L: 190cm W: 152cm H: 25cm
  • Super Single Size (10”)
    L: 190cm W: 107cm H: 25cm
  • Single Size (10”)
    L: 190cm W: 91cm H: 25cm